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7 Self-Help Books for Dreamers

I never used to be a reader. I’d get bored or distracted easily and quickly and retreat to watching TV or scrolling Instagram (tbh, sometimes I still do). Until I found subject matter that actually interested me, reading seemed like a chore.

Being a “dreamer” my whole life, I have always been curious about habit forming, goal chasing and self care — what tools do I need to perform at my best and battle my resistance to create? When I started reading books about these topics, I became obsessed, and I’m not stopping any time soon!

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Summer Shoe Forecast: Square Toe Sandals

now that we’re well into exposed toes season, it’s time to talk about summer shoe obsessions. i’ve always been an ankle boots for every season kinda girl, but it’s just not fair to your feet to keep that pedicure under wraps in the summertime. and this summer it seems like square toe sandals are all of a sudden everywhere.

i wasn’t sure how to feel about this style at first, and I was wondering where this trend came from the other day when it all fell into place. if you must know i’m currently in the middle of season 3 of Sex & the City (yes i’m rewatching the entire series after my husband falls asleep and no i’m not sorry) and it hit me that this is a total Carrie look. the square toe sandal is a Carrie Bradshaw classic and suddenly it seems like the perfect summer shoe.

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Five Friday Faves

happy friday!

the sunshine is finally back here in LA, which means everyone is now only super stressed on the freeways instead of being insanely emotionally off-the-rails stressed - which is how all angelenos are in the rain. i’m excited to do some more hiking this weekend and bounce around the city in pursuit of my next favorite taco truck.

here are five favorite things i’m loving this month:

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There's No Place Like Home Alone For Winter Wardrobe Inspiration

if you’ve been reading the blog awhile or follow us/me on any form of social media you know that we are entirely obsessed with all things Home Alone, holiday season or not. from the outfits, to the burglars’ excitement about stealing VCRs, to the #tbt labels on all the stuff at the grocery store the movie is basically scene after scene of amazing 90s nostalgia.

while i was watching Home Alone for the first of what will be many times this season over Tgiv last week, i realized that the outfits in the movie offer some serious winter wardrobe inspiration. i’m not sure about you, but between this year’s dad sneakers takeover and the onslaught of late 80’s and early 90’s normcore popping up everywhere, it’s safe to say the McCallisters had serious style.

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Roundup: Cropped Jeans are Fresh for Fall

when i moved to France this year, i had to pack pretty lightly considering the tiny size of our ‘pied-a-terre.’ as you might imagine based on my closet makeover posts, minimalism isn’t exactly something i’ve successfully embraced yet, so this was a challenge. on the denim front, this meant only 4 pairs of jeans made the cut (sidenote: my husband brought ONE pair of jeans total for this entire year in France). this past month, i kept seeing cropped jeans and kick flare jeans everywhere in Paris, and decided i could make room for pair #5.

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5 Places to Get a Truly Legit Coffee in Paris

Paris is a city known for an endless list of amazing things- its beautiful light, the history, the hundreds of artists and writers who have created masterpieces there…the list goes on. one thing i didn’t realize until moving over here is that until recently, this city hasn’t necessarily been known for their coffee. i learned this relatively quickly, as it wasn’t long before i discovered that it was indeed possible to order a disappointing cappuccino. disappointing baguette? almost never. but the coffee scene was something that took me a minute to navigate.

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Roundup: Perfect Weekend Getaway Bags

in the spirit of the holiday season (also sometimes referred to as the incessant exhausting travel season) almost upon us, i've been thinking a lot about travel plans. one thing i've been trying (key word here is trying) to implement in my life is a packing discipline to help myself limit the amount of shit i bring with me when i leave my house. while i haven't mastered it yet, i think i've found the key to slowly forcing myself into minimalism: it's called the weekender bag.

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High Tide: 6 Staple High-Waisted Bikinis For Summer

it's officially sea breeze and sunscreen season, and I'm personally on the lookout for every opportunity to get to myself to the beach and the pool. this summer i've been excited to play around with different swimwear silhouettes now that there are so many interesting options. though some of these new configurations prove to be extremely difficult to figure out how to put on initially (i've put several on backwards), i'm a big fan of trying anything new and seeing just how awkward my tanlines can get. that being said, a good way to dip your toe into trying a new swimwear silhouette is to just go retro- cause the high-waisted bikini bottom is still going strong.

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Put A Pineapple On It: 10 Sweet Decor Finds

pineapples: they're not just for leggings! I think by now you guys know we're pretty major pineapple fanatics here at WTD, and today i'm rounding up 10 of my fave ways to bring this incredibly popular fruit into your home. even though the pineapple vibes have been trending for a good couple years now in the decor world, i don't think they're going away any time soon. on top of being a delicious snack that goes great with various types of booze, something about the pineapple shape just makes a really cool graphic statement. if you're looking to branch out beyond the basic vintage pineapple cocktail shaker (which is awesome, but its just the tip of the iceberg) we've got you covered. so put on those piña colada leggings, make yourself a spicy pineapple marg and get ready to shop your way to a summer-ready space:

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Roundup: Wide Leg Jumpsuits For Summer

it's officially SPRING YOU GUYS!! ok, maybe it's not officially spring JUST yet (another week to go maybe?) but it finally feels like it because the sun is out til 7pm!! makes such a major difference. today i'm rounding up 6 of my favorite wide leg jumpsuit looks for spring break and summer, because this style has been ALL over for awhile now. wide leg pants and one pieces were big this fall, and i'm loving the way designers have reworked this look in fun, flowy prints for the warmer weather around the corner. i feel like this look is so widespread that whenever i've been out shopping lately, the theme of this season is "surprise, i'm actually pants." meaning, i'll pick up what i THINK is a cute maxi dress off the rack and voila- it's actually pants. not mad at it though. 

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Roundup: 6 Passport Covers We Love

when i first got my US passport, it was 2007 and i was booked to play on a cruise that would go through Jamaica the following year. i had no idea how many amazing overseas adventures that passport would witness over the next decade, and it's been incredibly fun to collect stamps from all over the world. fast forward ten years, and here i am in 2017 saying a bittersweet goodbye to passport #1 getting ready to trade him in for a brand new one. in the spirit of new beginnings and all of the cool places passport #2 is going to see over the next ten years, i thought i'd round up some of my favorite adorable passport covers. i've learned over the years that it's really important to keep yours looking nice, because if it's beat up enough it can cause issues at customs (which means less time eating croissants in Paris, and i'm really into eating croissants in Paris).

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