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The Daring
And Free

We The Dreamers waves the flag for the creative, badass, free-spirited, adventurous rebel heart in all of us.

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type animation

Some paint pictures
with their hands. 


*You are an artist. Let’s create.

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Creativity inspires more creativity, and our collective dreams are what make the world beautiful. We’re all about making something from nothing every day, in any way that’s meaningful to you.


Hi! I’m Kate.

We The Dreamers is owned and operated by musician, actor, and designer Kate Voegele.

As a devoted reader of a long list of lifestyle blogs (the best and only way to pass the time on the road), Voegele created We The Dreamers to be an online space that celebrates creativity, artists, and what it means to be a dreamer.

Voegele writes and designs from her studio in Los Angeles, California.


Hi! I’m Courtney.

Courtney Voegele manages and coordinates all things marketing and SEO for We The Dreamers, and is also a contributing writer on the blog.

Based in D.C., Courtney loves to draw, cook, and dream up new baking recipes when she's not out exploring the city in a neverending search for her new favorite sushi spot. Courtney is also Kate's sister, and the two grew up creating art, home movies, and not-so-occasional trouble.