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5 places to get a truly legit coffee in Paris

Paris is a city known for an endless list of amazing things- its beautiful light, the history, the hundreds of artists and writers who have created masterpieces there…the list goes on. one thing i didn’t realize until moving over here is that until recently, this city hasn’t necessarily been known for their coffee. i learned this relatively quickly, as it wasn’t long before i discovered that it was indeed possible to order a disappointing cappuccino. disappointing baguette? almost never. but the coffee scene was something that took me a minute to navigate.

but first coffee: 12 coffee bars to copy

some girls grow up pinning pictures of their future wedding dresses, but if pinning was a thing when i was growing up i think i would have pinned coffee bar ideas. well...ok. to be fair, i didn't even drink coffee til i was a senior in high school, but i stand by the fact that i have always felt and still currently feel that the ultimate benchmark of having a truly legit adult household is not a king size bed, or a dining room table, or matching dishes, but a coffee bar. the only thing that could be better than coffee itself (ok nothing can be better, but these bars are on par) is a beautifully organized and incredibly cool designated spot for it.

coffee walk: paris in may

coffee walk is a series where i'll be sharing snippets of my mini adventures in different cities, usually while on tour. since i'm a musician, i'm on tour quite a bit and one of my favorite things about tour is that it takes me to some amazing places all over the world. the only catch is, since soundcheck usually starts around 3pm, the only stuff i really have time to do in most cities is get a coffee and take a walk. 

coffee walk: good morning New Orleans

we're back on the blog today with a little photo diary from one of my favorite cities in the entire world, New Orleans. i am totally in love with this city for a million reasons, but reason number one is probably that i got married here almost five years ago. we picked New Orleans because of its incredibly unique culture, architecture, food, and unparalleled expertise in having a damn good time. when we came through NOLA on tour this past January, I really only had enough time to grab a coffee and take a long walk, hence this latest edition of my 'coffee walk' travel post series.