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Coffee Walk: Paris In May

coffee walk is a series where i'll be sharing snippets of my mini adventures in different cities, usually while on tour. since i'm a musician, i'm on tour quite a bit and one of my favorite things about tour is that it takes me to some amazing places all over the world. the only catch is, since soundcheck usually starts around 3pm, the only stuff i really have time to do in most cities is get a coffee and take a walk. 

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Breezy Midi, Cobblestone City: Spring In San Juan

last month i finally got to check something major off my bucket list: wandering Old Town San Juan in Puerto Rico. it's such a beautiful city and the colorful buildings are 100 times more amazing in person. this outfit post is a favorite because i'm absolutely obsessed with this Cleobella dress- it's a fun midi length, super comfy, and looks awesome by itself or cinched with a cool belt. in this case, i paired it with one of my main wardrobe staples these days- the B Low the Belt Bri Bri in black & silver. they make this belt in like 10 color combos and i'm pretty sure i need to get them all. it's SO versatile. finished off with some super comfy sandals by Dolce Vita x Vanessa Mooney, this outfit was perfect for wandering the gorgeously uneven cobblestone streets of Old San Juan. 

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