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5 Tips For Moving In Together

it’s kind of crazy to be saying this, but it’s coming up on the 10 year anniversary of me and my husband Brett living together. if I’m being real, we met about this time ten years ago and moved into a tiny apartment together three months later (!). though I’m well aware that’s a pretty fast track move compared to how most people do it, it’s been awesome and we wouldn’t have done it any differently.

looking back on the past decade, I wanted to share some of my favorite tips for moving in together and living together in general that we’ve learned over the years. we’re definitely not experts and we’re learning every day, but read on for the advice that worked best for us when we took the moving-in-together plunge!

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Thoughts On Overcoming Perfectionism

it seems like the more time goes by, the more our culture values and rewards the idea of ‘perfectionism.’ “I’m a total perfectionist“ is one of those things that people say about themselves that they hope comes off as self-deprecating, but in reality sounds a lot more like a humble-brag. it’s basically written within our code to strive to be perfectionists and to believe that’s the best way to be, and I have pretty much spent my entire life trying to unlearn that.

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7 Self-Help Books for Dreamers

I never used to be a reader. I’d get bored or distracted easily and quickly and retreat to watching TV or scrolling Instagram (tbh, sometimes I still do). Until I found subject matter that actually interested me, reading seemed like a chore.

Being a “dreamer” my whole life, I have always been curious about habit forming, goal chasing and self care — what tools do I need to perform at my best and battle my resistance to create? When I started reading books about these topics, I became obsessed, and I’m not stopping any time soon!

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