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Thoughts On Overcoming Perfectionism

it seems like the more time goes by, the more our culture values and rewards the idea of ‘perfectionism.’ “I’m a total perfectionist“ is one of those things that people say about themselves that they hope comes off as self-deprecating, but in reality sounds a lot more like a humble-brag. it’s basically written within our code to strive to be perfectionists and to believe that’s the best way to be, and I have pretty much spent my entire life trying to unlearn that.

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7 Self-Help Books for Dreamers

I never used to be a reader. I’d get bored or distracted easily and quickly and retreat to watching TV or scrolling Instagram (tbh, sometimes I still do). Until I found subject matter that actually interested me, reading seemed like a chore.

Being a “dreamer” my whole life, I have always been curious about habit forming, goal chasing and self care — what tools do I need to perform at my best and battle my resistance to create? When I started reading books about these topics, I became obsessed, and I’m not stopping any time soon!

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