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DIY To Try: Desert Oasis Painted Pumpkins

of all the seasons to decorate for, I have to say that fall is by far my favorite. there’s something magical about the crisp air, the autumn colors, and though it sometimes pains me to admit it, even the #PSLs.

as someone who has always pinned pic after pic of fall front porch decorations and painted pumpkins, (see our roundup of favorite pumpkin decor ideas here) I knew I had to DIY my own take on minimalist halloween decor this year.

I’m not one to go too crazy in the fake leaves and scarecrow department, so I wanted to find something that still felt like it fit with our sunny and 75 LA weather this October. The perfect solution? Pumpkins painted to look like a desert oasis!

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Whole Wheat Healthy Banana Pumpkin Muffins (Vegan!)

Football. Pumpkin spice. Warm lattes. Flannel. Cozy socks. Bonfires → these are a few of my favorite fall things, and I’m stoked that it’s officially that season (well, almost). 

Craving a healthy, delicious fall treat? Today I’m sharing our recipe for whole wheat healthy banana pumpkin muffins.

Let’s just say that if Starbucks’ pumpkin spice latte is out, then I know it’s time to whip out the Kitchen-Aid and make some pumpkin-flavored goodies. 

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Why I Started Printing My Photos (5 Ideas To Try)

After replacing my phone last week due to yet another phone shattering episode, I glanced at the number of photos on my camera roll to discover that there were - wait for it - 22,375 pictures in there. The photos date back to 2017, but STILL - that number is ridiculous.

This same digital photo overload is what prompted me to start rethinking my photo organization when I first started printing my photos back in 2015. Now that we all pretty much have a super sophisticated camera in our pocket wherever we go, we take a LOT of pictures. and I’m not just talking about the 48 selfies it takes to get a good one (been there). We’re capturing so many aspects of our lives every day, but the question is what on earth do we actually DO with all of them?

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Cheat Day Chip Dip: Easy And Party Perfect

is there anything better than an amazing chip dip recipe? according to me, there absolutely is not. whether it’s game day, cheat day, or #selfcaresunday, this creamy chip dip is guaranteed to seriously elevate the occasion.

ever since I can remember, every single family holiday, get-together, or gathering of any kind has always had one thing in common: cheat day chip dip. I can’t imagine a party of any size or shape without it, and every time I’ve brought this chip dip to someone’s party people have absolutely freaked out. it is THAT good.

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5 Tips For Moving In Together

it’s kind of crazy to be saying this, but it’s coming up on the 10 year anniversary of me and my husband Brett living together. if I’m being real, we met about this time ten years ago and moved into a tiny apartment together three months later (!). though I’m well aware that’s a pretty fast track move compared to how most people do it, it’s been awesome and we wouldn’t have done it any differently.

looking back on the past decade, I wanted to share some of my favorite tips for moving in together and living together in general that we’ve learned over the years. we’re definitely not experts and we’re learning every day, but read on for the advice that worked best for us when we took the moving-in-together plunge!

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Healthy Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Recipe

Craving something sweet with your morning coffee? Try our recipe for whole wheat chocolate chip banana bread. There are three types of breakfast people: Team Sweet, Team Savory, and Team I Don’t Have Time.

As a former chronic alarm snoozer, I used to be Team I Don’t Have Time — but, I’ve recently realized how much more energy I have when I make time to eat breakfast in the morning. With that said, I definitely find myself on Team Sweet more often than savory.

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How To Keep Jewelry Organized On Your Dresser

something i’ve really noticed about myself over the past couple of years is that if there is a blank surface in the house - the coffee table, the kitchen counter, the dining room table etc - it will probably inevitably end up becoming a ‘dump zone.’ just what is a dump zone you ask? a zone where pretty much everything that shouldn’t be there ends up getting dumped. it drives me CRAZY.

when i finally found an apartment with enough room to fit this dresser last year, i knew i wanted it to look beautifully styled but most importantly be functional. since my closet is so small that i actually can’t stand up in it (house tour coming soon with pics), my dresser top is the only sensible spot in the house to store jewelry.

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Five Friday Faves

happy friday!

the sunshine is finally back here in LA, which means everyone is now only super stressed on the freeways instead of being insanely emotionally off-the-rails stressed - which is how all angelenos are in the rain. i’m excited to do some more hiking this weekend and bounce around the city in pursuit of my next favorite taco truck.

here are five favorite things i’m loving this month:

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Roundup: Holiday Cookie Hotlist

it's about that time to break out all that baking gear that you never use during the rest of the year. making holiday cookies is awesome, and i feel like it's one of those situations where the calories just don't count. maybe you're a seasoned holiday baking pro, or maybe you're like me and watch youtube tutorials, mess up your kitchen, get super frustrated and go down the street and buy store cookies and pretend you made them. either way, here are 10 holiday cookie recipes that we're super excited to attempt this season.

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7 Fresh and Festive Friendsgiving Ideas You Have to Try

i’m spending some time back in the US right now for the holiday months, and with thanksgiving a week away it’s basically full-on holiday season mode here. since most of my stuff is in storage (RIP to my poor nespresso machine in the very, very back of the unit behind piles of boxes) and i’m crazy disorganized at the moment, sadly i won’t get to host a friendsgiving this year. that said, i’ve always loved the idea- and whether you’re planning to have a friendsgiving yourself or you’re just looking for some fresh ideas for this year’s thanksgiving, we rounded up some fresh and festive ideas to try.

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Easy Rotisserie Chicken Thai Coconut Curry (Whole30 & Paleo!)

nothing will teach you how to improvise quite like a Parisian kitchen - at least that’s been my experience living here for six months. our apartment has a teeny tiny little (though very cute!) kitchen, and it’s nearly impossible for both me and my husband to be in there at the same time. since the “oven” in our place is pretty much a countertop convection thing that is incredibly janky, i’ve been trying my hand at as many simple stovetop recipes as possible, and this one is my new favorite.

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Record Players 10 Ways: Show Off Your Epic Collection

when my husband turned 30, my gift to him was a record player and a bunch of records i had collected over the course of a long US tour. it was one of those things he'd been wanting for awhile, but it was admittedly also one of those gifts that i was really excited to benefit from myself. even though we have all the music we could ever want in our pockets at all times now, i still think there is something so cool about coming home, pouring a glass of wine, and putting on a great record. i really miss album art too, and there's something about having those 12x12 sleeves on a shelf or ready to flip through in a crate by the fireplace that's so nostalgic and cool.

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Currently Loving: Easels As Home Decor

i got my first easel in high school when i was taking a bunch of painting and art classes, and over ten years later it's still a mainstay in my house. i have a bigger one that i use for actual painting now, but i kept my OG easel because a couple apartments ago i realized what a versatile decor piece it can be. It perfectly it fills out awkward corners, and when an area or vignette needs a little height it's the perfect addition! 

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