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Whole Wheat Healthy Banana Pumpkin Muffins (Vegan!)

Football. Pumpkin spice. Warm lattes. Flannel. Cozy socks. Bonfires → these are a few of my favorite fall things, and I’m stoked that it’s officially that season (well, almost). 

Craving a healthy, delicious fall treat? Today I’m sharing our recipe for whole wheat healthy banana pumpkin muffins.

Let’s just say that if Starbucks’ pumpkin spice latte is out, then I know it’s time to whip out the Kitchen-Aid and make some pumpkin-flavored goodies. 

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Cheat Day Chip Dip: Easy And Party Perfect

is there anything better than an amazing chip dip recipe? according to me, there absolutely is not. whether it’s game day, cheat day, or #selfcaresunday, this creamy chip dip is guaranteed to seriously elevate the occasion.

ever since I can remember, every single family holiday, get-together, or gathering of any kind has always had one thing in common: cheat day chip dip. I can’t imagine a party of any size or shape without it, and every time I’ve brought this chip dip to someone’s party people have absolutely freaked out. it is THAT good.

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Healthy Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Recipe

Craving something sweet with your morning coffee? Try our recipe for whole wheat chocolate chip banana bread. There are three types of breakfast people: Team Sweet, Team Savory, and Team I Don’t Have Time.

As a former chronic alarm snoozer, I used to be Team I Don’t Have Time — but, I’ve recently realized how much more energy I have when I make time to eat breakfast in the morning. With that said, I definitely find myself on Team Sweet more often than savory.

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Roundup: Holiday Cookie Hotlist

it's about that time to break out all that baking gear that you never use during the rest of the year. making holiday cookies is awesome, and i feel like it's one of those situations where the calories just don't count. maybe you're a seasoned holiday baking pro, or maybe you're like me and watch youtube tutorials, mess up your kitchen, get super frustrated and go down the street and buy store cookies and pretend you made them. either way, here are 10 holiday cookie recipes that we're super excited to attempt this season.

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Easy Rotisserie Chicken Thai Coconut Curry (Whole30 & Paleo!)

nothing will teach you how to improvise quite like a Parisian kitchen - at least that’s been my experience living here for six months. our apartment has a teeny tiny little (though very cute!) kitchen, and it’s nearly impossible for both me and my husband to be in there at the same time. since the “oven” in our place is pretty much a countertop convection thing that is incredibly janky, i’ve been trying my hand at as many simple stovetop recipes as possible, and this one is my new favorite.

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Cocktail Hour: Pass the Holiday Spirits

HAPPY DECEMBER EVERYBODY!! we're officially in the homestretch of 2016, and we think that sounds like a perfect excuse to throw a party. we love a good craft cocktail over at WTD, so we rounded up some of our fave ways to make yourself a cup of cheer with a holiday season spin. i really can't decide which of these i want to try first, which means i'll probably need to try them all this weekend just to be sure i'm not missing out on what could potentially be my next go-to. from peppermint vodka hot cocoa to cranberry orange ritas, check out our top 10 picks for a wintery buzz this season.

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Something To Guac About: The All-Time Best Guacamole Recipe

if there's anything in this world that one can't go wrong with, it's guacamole. it makes any situation better. if i'm at a party and someone i hate is there, but guacamole is present, i will hate that person less by default. i don't really hate that many people, so this isn't a situation i encounter that often, but nonetheless it's the truth. it's a universal language.

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Bottoms Up: 6 Summer Party Punch Recipes

with summer in full swing and a long weekend of sunshine and good times just around the corner, today we're sharing some of our fave party punch picks from around the web for your next summer soirée. we are major craft cocktail enthusiasts at WTD, but sometimes it can be super tedious to make everyone their own individual libation when you're the host and you're trying to actually talk to your guests and hang. the perfect solution? a big batch of make-ahead party punch that you can concoct in advance. with so many refreshing, summery options i'm ready to hit the produce aisle, stock up on booze, and get mixing. 

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