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Roundup: 7 of our Favorite Easy, Non-Cheesy Halloween DIYs

with crunchy leaves season upon us, I wanted to share some of my favorite easy, non-cheesy Halloween DIY ideas. i love a good DIY, but nothing makes me more bummed than when I attempt one and it comes out looking like something I made when I was 12 during the Halloween day at school where everyone came in costumes and got to DGAF around all day gluing stuff and eating candy corn. so i thought i’d round up some of the web’s best DIY Halloween projects that are fun, quick, easy, and sophisticated spooky.

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DIY To Try: Up Your Pumpkin Game

well guys it's officially October, and that can only mean one thing: everyone's Pinterest feed overfloweth with ridiculously elaborate pumpkin decorating ideas. the last time i checked, decorating pumpkins involved laying down some newspaper, carving out a face that doesn't end up looking much like a face because wielding that knife thing is actually really hard, shoving a candle in it and calling it a day. turns out shit has gotten REAL since my pumpkin carving days- people are going all out.

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