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DIY To Try: Up Your Pumpkin Game

well guys it's officially October, and that can only mean one thing: everyone's Pinterest feed overfloweth with ridiculously elaborate pumpkin decorating ideas. the last time i checked, decorating pumpkins involved laying down some newspaper, carving out a face that doesn't end up looking much like a face because wielding that knife thing is actually really hard, shoving a candle in it and calling it a day. turns out shit has gotten REAL since my pumpkin carving days- people are going all out.

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Artist Spotlight: Leah Reena Goren

our first artist spotlight of 2017 is on Brooklyn-based leah reena goren, an awesome illustrator i discovered while wandering through some of New Orleans' coolest boutiques last week. chances are you've already seen her work all over the map (she counts anthropologie and as clients among many others) and it's not hard to see why. i love her unique perspective, especially the way she portrays portraits and people. also i'm completely in love with the way she mixes different hues of pinks and reds. i picked up one of her prints at Saint Claude Social Club in NOLA last week and I can't wait to add to it my studio gallery wall. check out some of our fave sketches and projects from her archives:

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Artist Spotlight: Katie Rodgers of Paper Fashion

my favorite artists are usually the ones whose style is so distinct that their work is totally unmistakably theirs the second you see it. Katie Rodgers of Paper Fashion is definitely one of those artists. we're totally in love with her airy, wispy designs and the way she captures form and movement. also, we're big fans of anything somewhat related to poofy dresses, ballerina vibes, and tutus. check out some of our faves:

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