DIY To Try: Up Your Pumpkin Game

well guys it's officially October, and that can only mean one thing: everyone's Pinterest feed overfloweth with ridiculously elaborate pumpkin decorating ideas. the last time i checked, decorating pumpkins involved laying down some newspaper, carving out a face that doesn't end up looking much like a face because wielding that knife thing is actually really hard, shoving a candle in it and calling it a day. turns out shit has gotten REAL since my pumpkin carving days- people are going all out.

behold some of our favorite insta-worthy pumpkin DIYs so your doorstep can look fly AF this autumn:

brit & co 

i'm really digging these painted patterns- and i also feel like this is the least ambitious of all these projects. all you gotta do is grab some acrylics from the martha stewart aisle at Michael's and go to town.

for the makers 

this gold and neon vibe is also really cool. i like seeing something a little different than the super traditional fall colors- don't get me wrong, fall is no doubt my favorite season, but sometimes the explosion of orange and burnt sienna and a million shades of brown kind of makes me feel like i'm locked in a room full of that super strong craft store potpourri. no bueno.

paper & stitch 

this is the ULTIMATE lazy girl's pumpkin project- just cut a balloon and hoist that shit over the bottom of the pumpkin. DONE.

homey oh my

ok, this one is for sure my favorite by a landslide. i'm entirely obsessed with mudcloth being everywhere in home decor right now, and the fact that someone thought to do that to a damn pumpkin is pretty genius. i feel like this one would get you some serious likes on the gram.

masion de pax

if you feel that busting out the pumpkin paints is just not quite in-depth enough this season, make a succulent planter out of your pumpkin!! these do look adorable, but definitely a bit more of a commitment than, say, the balloon thing.

mom spark

this is a really cute creative idea - melting crayons on a pumpkin with a hair dryer. i had no idea that you could do that and it would turn out this well. i feel like any endeavor that serves as an excuse to go buy a 64 pack of Crayola gets an A+ in my world. 

studio diy

ok so i lied- this DIY is tied with the mudcloth thing for first place. Studio DIY is kind of the gold standard when it comes to stuff like this, and i am SO obsessed with this collection of pun pumpkins. she always comes up with the cutest ideas. again, loving the nontraditional pastel vibes here. just be careful though- if you put a display like this on your front porch there will almost certainly be passerby selfies.

what are your favorite ways to decorate for fall?? any awesome ideas that we missed?

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