Photo Diary: Amsterdam

ohhhh, amsterdam. you are exquisite. this city is the first place i ever visited in Europe back in 2009, and i immediately fell in love. even though that first trip was in November and it was freezing and raining and i got hella lost, it was fantastic. this past summer, i got to see and explore the city in it's warm weather glory while on tour. here are some highlights:

one of my favorite things we did here was clearly the canal bikes - i would definitely recommend getting one of those if you go. word of warning though: they are NOT EASY to paddle. not like..impossible..but also not easy. either that or i was just really out of shape on tour. but it was a bonus situation because it totally counted as my workout that day.

another PSA: it's really easy to get lost and lose track of what canal you're on. they give you a big ass map but a) you look like an idiot with the map in your face and you miss all the cool scenery and b) it's kind of challenging to navigate because the canals kind of go in a circle. 

also - the funniest thing happened. my friend Tyler Hilton (who I was touring with) and I were in the same canal bike going under a one of the many bridges, and these tween dudes on top of the bridge SPRAYED WATER all over us and there was NOTHING we could do about it but just continue drifting under the bridge. it was a really powerless feeling...haha. let's just hope it was water in that bottle :/

a couple local suggestions:

we had burgers at a cute little shop called Lombardo's - and they were AWESOME. 

on the way out of town, we grabbed some fuel for the road at white label coffee. it's an absolutely beautiful light filled space and my cappuccino was the bomb. 

have you ever been to amsterdam? i seriously cannot WAIT to go back. 

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