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photo diary: amsterdam

ohhhh, amsterdam. you are exquisite. this city is the first place i ever visited in Europe back in 2009, and i immediately fell in love. even though that first trip was in November and it was freezing and raining and i got hella lost, it was fantastic. this past summer, i got to see and explore the city in it's warm weather glory while on tour. here are some highlights:

me vs. jetlag: dublin edition

there's something about landing in a different timezone after a suuuuper long flight that is kind of awesome. some part of me seems to enjoy the challenge of seeing how easily i can trick myself into thinking it's normal to be awake and walking around when i would otherwise be fast asleep at home. this past May, when i flew to Dublin, Ireland to start my 2016 European tour, I gave myself a full day prior to the first show (as I always do) to get acclimated. 

photo diary: snippets of switzerland

today i'm sharing some highlights from our couple days in Switzerland on tour last year. we didn't get to do much sightseeing since we were there for the shows (and spent a lot of time in the car driving past gorgeous rolling hills) but the time we did have was AMAZING. we played Solothurn and Zurich, and i absolutely cannot wait to go back to both and explore more of this beautiful country. We hardly got to see Zurich since it was raining and we got in late, so most of these snaps are from Solothurn. This town is honestly out of a fairytale, and it feels like a time capsule. We had a full tour crew dinner in the square one night as the sun went down, and I will probably daydream about the fig and pecorino ravioli I had for the rest of my life.

photo diary: barcelona part I

one of the major highlights of 2016 was my ten day trip to Barcelona. ever since i first saw photos of Gaudi's Park Güell architecture, this city has been at the very top of my bucket list. though we were tempted to max out our trip with as many cities in Spain as we could, we decided to just spend ten whole days in Barcelona and it was truly the best decision ever. we did this same thing when I first went to Rome in 2010, and it REALLY allowed us to slow down and get to know the city. if you're planning on heading to Barcelona anytime soon (or anywhere awesome for that matter) i'd highly recommend spending as much time in one place as possible if you're like me and love to wander and explore. since we were hanging in the city for 10 days, we decided to split up our trip and do half of it by the beach and half in another hood.