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Photo Diary: Barcelona Part III

the third and final installment of my Barcelona photo diary is here! i took soooo many pictures on this trip and it was incredibly hard not to post 5671 pics all over the blog. you can check out part I here and part II here if you missed them. i mentioned this in the previous Barca posts, but the best thing about this trip was the fact that we spent 10 whole days just hanging out in Barcelona. when we booked, i worried it could be boring to stay in one place that long, but that could not have been farther from the truth. i felt like we were JUST getting settled when it was time to leave! i would absolutely go live in this city for a year at the drop of a hat. 

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Photo Diary: Barcelona Part II

happy weekend guys! today i'm sharing part II of a three series photo diary from my trip to Barcelona last fall (if you missed part I check it out here). this trip was incredible in every sense of the word, and i literally cannot wait to go back. in part I i chronicled the first half of our stay, which was on the Barceloneta beach. i think my favorite thing about this city is that it has all the benefits and amenities of an awesome beach vacay while also having this amazing history, architecture and culture. i feel like that's kind of a rare combination and Barcelona is a perfect mix of both in my opinion.  for the second half of our trip, we packed up our beach bags and moved to an apartment in the Gracia neighborhood, which quickly became my favorite part of the entire city. 

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Photo Diary: Barcelona Part I

one of the major highlights of 2016 was my ten day trip to Barcelona. ever since i first saw photos of Gaudi's Park Güell architecture, this city has been at the very top of my bucket list. though we were tempted to max out our trip with as many cities in Spain as we could, we decided to just spend ten whole days in Barcelona and it was truly the best decision ever. we did this same thing when I first went to Rome in 2010, and it REALLY allowed us to slow down and get to know the city. if you're planning on heading to Barcelona anytime soon (or anywhere awesome for that matter) i'd highly recommend spending as much time in one place as possible if you're like me and love to wander and explore. since we were hanging in the city for 10 days, we decided to split up our trip and do half of it by the beach and half in another hood. 

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