Photo Diary: Barcelona Part III

the third and final installment of my Barcelona photo diary is here! i took soooo many pictures on this trip and it was incredibly hard not to post 5671 pics all over the blog. you can check out part I here and part II here if you missed them. i mentioned this in the previous Barca posts, but the best thing about this trip was the fact that we spent 10 whole days just hanging out in Barcelona. when we booked, i worried it could be boring to stay in one place that long, but that could not have been farther from the truth. i felt like we were JUST getting settled when it was time to leave! i would absolutely go live in this city for a year at the drop of a hat. 

here are some highlights of the second half of our trip:

here are the landmarks we saw in the above pics:

La Sagrada Familia - this is without a doubt Barcelona's most famous landmark. i've been to a decent amount of incredible cathedrals in Europe, and i have to say that i've never seen anything like this in my life. it was absolutely overwhelming and magical in every way. 

Tibidabo - this was a super fun way to spend a couple hours, and it was also a totally gorgeous drive on the Vespa since Tibidabo is a theme park wayyyy up high looking over Barcelona and the Mediterranean. the views are incredible! 

Montjuic - this is another great stop for beautiful views overlooking the city from a different standpoint

Camp Nou - we saw an FC Barcelona game (FCB is one of Barca's two soccer/football teams) and it was a TOTAL blast. i'm not even necessarily a massive soccer fan and i had an incredible time!

and the amazing food places:

Parking Pizza - this place is a MUST DO, especially if you need a little break from traditional tapas and want something a little different

La Nena - hit this place up for incredible chocolate and espresso - they do this hot chocolate thing (which is more like a fondue vibe) that comes with donuts and it's HEAVEN.

Tickets - a friend from the king of all food blogs Le Fooding recommended this place and it was truly one of the best meals i've ever had in my life. booking a reservation is ridiculously tedious, because you have to basically set your alarm for when tables for your desired date will open up, but it was so incredibly worth it. 

Mercat Princesa - i loved this little market and all its stations. it's a great place to take a break from walking and shopping and grab a snack or a drink. it's also in a cool area that has lots of little boutiques around the corners.

OH! and-

we rented our Vespa from Vesping and they were awesome! renting one was definitely one of the best decisions we made all trip (though i'm grateful AF that my hub wanted to drive it because i probably would've been terrified)

i absolutely can't wait to go back to this magical city! 


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