Photo Diary: Barcelona Part II

happy weekend guys! today i'm sharing part II of a three series photo diary from my trip to Barcelona last fall (if you missed part I check it out here). this trip was incredible in every sense of the word, and i literally cannot wait to go back. in part I i chronicled the first half of our stay, which was on the Barceloneta beach. i think my favorite thing about this city is that it has all the benefits and amenities of an awesome beach vacay while also having this amazing history, architecture and culture. i feel like that's kind of a rare combination and Barcelona is a perfect mix of both in my opinion.  for the second half of our trip, we packed up our beach bags and moved to an apartment in the Gracia neighborhood, which quickly became my favorite part of the entire city. 

scroll down for pics of our apartment and a highlight reel of all the sights we covered:

some of the big sights we saw (and loved and would highly recommend) pictured above are:

Casa Batllo

Park Guell

La Pedrera

i would recommend getting tickets online for all of these in advance. it makes it a lot easier and you don't have to wait in long lines when you get there.

i'll be sharing more of my fave restaurants in the upcoming part III post, but pictured above is a RIDICULOUSLY good paella from Taverna El Glop in the Gracia area. not sure if the pic really does it justice, but trust me- if you're a paella fan you gotta hit this place up. 

another place nearby our apartment that we loved for coffee and carrot cake (which is a perfectly normal breakfast item when you're on vacation thank you very much) was the adorable vegetarian  Cafe Camelia. the staff is awesome and it was a fun way to start our day.

i can't wait to share the rest of my Barca pics soon! hope you guys have an awesome weekend!!

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