Photo Diary: Snippets Of Switzerland

today i'm sharing some highlights from our couple days in Switzerland on tour last year. we didn't get to do much sightseeing since we were there for the shows (and spent a lot of time in the car driving past gorgeous rolling hills) but the time we did have was AMAZING. we played Solothurn and Zurich, and i absolutely cannot wait to go back to both and explore more of this beautiful country. We hardly got to see Zurich since it was raining and we got in late, so most of these snaps are from Solothurn. This town is honestly out of a fairytale, and it feels like a time capsule. We had a full tour crew dinner in the square one night as the sun went down, and I will probably daydream about the fig and pecorino ravioli I had for the rest of my life.

another highlight from our time in Solothurn was the incredibly fancy cake the venue made us with our faces on it. weird, but delicious and definitely insta worthy. 

have you guys ever been to Switzerland? i can't wait to go back!

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