DIY To Try: 6 Phases Of The Moon Projects

well you guys it's officially MAY and that's super exciting. the sun's out, the days are longer, and Justin Timberlake himself even tweeted about it. though i'm personally a huge fan of these sunny days, the star of today's post (awful celestial pun intended) is the MOON. the moon has been having a moment for a really long time, but it's still very much in the spotlight and all over home decor. the geometric lunar shapes are super versatile and look great in a variety of materials, and i don't think they're going away anytime soon. i'm looking for a fun spring DIY project and currently loving these six relatively easy DIY phases of the moon ideas. 

this gold wall moon mural from A Beautiful Mess looks surprisingly easy and would make such a cool statement wall

loving this DIY light up moon lamp from Handmade Charlotte! 

any excuse to play with clay is a good one - loving this phases of the moon marble wall hanging from Almost Makes Perfect

it's news to me that glow in the dark thread even EXISTS but apparently it DOES (and it reminds me of those dope glow in the dark star things i used to sticky tack to my ceiling as a kid) and i love this phases of the moon embroidery DIY from Swoodson Says. too cute!

this DIY phases of the moon mobile from Behr is a little more involved because it's made of wood (the pictures had some intimidating looking saw in them) but I think it would be worth it considering how cute it looks mixed into this gallery wall

and my art class loving heart is SO IN LOVE with this batik moon phases wall hanging from Everything Golden. I was obsessed with the middle school batik project despite the harsh, gnarly, potentially toxic vibes of the bleach we had to use.  i just think this is adorable.

so many dreamworthy options! what's your take on the moon phase craze??

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