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roundup: 7 of our favorite easy, non-cheesy Halloween DIYs

with crunchy leaves season upon us, I wanted to share some of my favorite easy, non-cheesy Halloween DIY ideas. i love a good DIY, but nothing makes me more bummed than when I attempt one and it comes out looking like something I made when I was 12 during the Halloween day at school where everyone came in costumes and got to DGAF around all day gluing stuff and eating candy corn. so i thought i’d round up some of the web’s best DIY Halloween projects that are fun, quick, easy, and sophisticated spooky.

color crush: terracotta

today's color crush post is down to earth AF- literally. i'm so into all of the natural, earthy tones popping up all over the place lately, and terracotta is my current standout fave. it's showing up in home decor, textiles, makeup, and even workout gear right now, and it gives everything such an inviting warmth. another thing i love about this color? it pretty much works all year round, season to season. 

travel journaling: inspiration and supplies

when i was a kid, i used to bring a little notebook along on vacation (more than likely it was some super lit Lisa Frank one) and write about all the stuff we did on our trip. i SO wish i knew where those notebooks were. not only does travel journaling help you preserve awesome memories, it also provides a really cool on-the-go creative outlet. i find that when i'm traveling, i don't get as many chances to be creative unless i'm really mindful about it, and this new style of travel journaling that seems to be all over insta just might be the answer. the notebooks are small, easy to pack, and the pages are blank which means endless possibilities. my favorite journals are the ones that combine writing/diary entries, photos, and sketching or drawing. 

DIY to try: 6 easy planter projects

with spring in full swing, i'm diving deeper than ever into my houseplant obsession. i regularly stress dream about my fiddle leaf fig, and i'm not sure if i should be admitting that on the internet but it's true. plants have brightened up my house so much, and they're kind of like tattoos (strangely addicting) so once you start it's tough to stop. since the weather's getting warmer, i'm also getting ready to outfit my balcony with a few new plant adoptions, and i've been on the hunt for some fun, relatively easy ways to DIY some cool planters. luckily, the internet overfloweth with such ideas.

buy or DIY: 8 jewelry storage ideas that aren't uggo

in the midst of my new year closet cleanout kick, i've recently found that- like probably every chick ever- i own WAY. TOO. MUCH. JEWELRY. jewelry used to be the thing i'd add to my pile of stuff on the way to the register, because when it's inexpensive it feels pretty harmless. but the thing is- now i have tons of those cardboard multipacks of stud earrings still lying around, and the couple pairs that i didn't like as much as the others are still attached to the cardboard and just sitting there. it's driving me nuts and i decided it's time to control it. not just the earrings- ALL of it.

color crush: aubergine

it's the holiday season, and these chilly wintery months are perfect for bold, rich, jewel tone colors. i'm currently obsessing over everything aubergine- a gorgeous, deep shade of violet with a really beautiful blend of both warm and cool tones. it's beautiful on pretty much anything- dresses, shoes, accessories, interiors, exteriors, lids, lips, and just about everything else. i think a bold aubergine lip would be totally amazing for a holiday party, and i'm officially on the hunt for the perfect lipstick in this swoonworthy color. read on for some serious velvety aubergine inspo.

12 days of creative gift wrap ideas

ok guys, it's officially crunch time. for those of us who consistently put everything off until the last minute, including holiday gifts, this week is that week where you realize it's time to get your shit together. i'm a huge fan of holiday gift shopping- it's been really fun to shop some of my favorite local boutiques and small businesses this year, and it's a blast picking out something you know someone you love will love. so, in the spirit of checking everyone off the list this week, we rounded up some of our favorite creative ways to wrap your those awesome gifts you spent so much time selecting this year. 

DIY to try: festive advent calendars

OMGGGG it's already that time of year. and with December only a few days away, i thought i'd round up some of my favorite advent calendar DIYs from around the web. whether you celebrate the advent season religiously or you just think it's fun to count down the days in december with chocolates and other fun little shit in bags and/or boxes, these are fun and look really cute. advent calendars were my favorite thing EVER when i was a kid- i always got one that had chocolates shaped like different woodland animals, and i had a weird reputation for remembering exactly what animals corresponded to what day at the end of the month. i was suuuuuper popular obviously. 

DIY to try: it's cold out, make your walls a sweater

it's officially cozy sweater weather out there, and today we're inviting you to share the chunky cable knit vibes with your walls. it seems like woven wall hangings have been all over the place for the past year, and they're such a cool (and easier to hang) alternative to framed art. i love that they can be super neutral and calming or punchy and loud and colorful. while there are definitely pages and pages of gorgeous ready made options floating around on Etsy, I feel like this is a very doable, non-scary project that doesn't involve power tools and would be way more fun to DIY.

DIY to try: up your pumpkin game

well guys it's officially October, and that can only mean one thing: everyone's Pinterest feed overfloweth with ridiculously elaborate pumpkin decorating ideas. the last time i checked, decorating pumpkins involved laying down some newspaper, carving out a face that doesn't end up looking much like a face because wielding that knife thing is actually really hard, shoving a candle in it and calling it a day. turns out shit has gotten REAL since my pumpkin carving days- people are going all out.