DIY To Try: It's Cold Out, Make Your Walls A Sweater

it's officially cozy sweater weather out there, and today we're inviting you to share the chunky cable knit vibes with your walls. it seems like woven wall hangings have been all over the place for the past year, and they're such a cool (and easier to hang) alternative to framed art. i love that they can be super neutral and calming or punchy and loud and colorful. while there are definitely pages and pages of gorgeous ready-made options floating around on Etsy, I feel like this is a very doable, non-scary project that doesn't involve power tools and would be way more fun to DIY.

header image & above via rachel denbow

if you hadn't guessed, i tend to prefer the punchy colorful ones. there are just so many possibilities! Rachel Denbow (who actually just put out a book all about weaving should you wish to do further research) has an amazing tutorial explaining the basics of weaving on A Beautiful Mess: 

via ABM

in the above tutorial, Rachel explains how she made her first loom out of a sturdy piece of CARDBOARD and some nails. so easy. grab that thing, dial up the netflix, and you've got yourself a pretty lit evening IMHO. 

and if a piece of cardboard isn't easy enough for you just CHECK OUT this how-to mini weaving from gathering beauty made using a clipboard as a loom. adorable! 

and if you wanna go the more neutral route, i'm a big fan of the way Sarah Sherman Samuel incorporated the little copper pieces in this beauty.

i also love this subtle hint of color from Oleander and Palm. i don't even think you need a loom for this one, so if the whole over under thing is freaking you out maybe start here.

here's another beautiful neutral ivory piece from A Beautiful Mess. this one is cool and a little bit different because you use a latch hook mat to make it versus a loom. don't worry if you don't know what the hell a latch hook mat is, cause i don't either, but they explain it all in the tutorial.

if you want something even more off the wall (horrible pun) Maptote made this lunar, woodland-y dreamcatcher thing that i totally love. any excuse to stop doing actual work to go outside and forage for driftwood feels like a good idea.

and for the ultra instant gratification project, just go the tassel route. DIYS dot com shows you how to make a really pretty indigo ombre piece in no time.

SUPER obsessed with the way Honestly WTF varied the yarn colors and the tassel lengths in this one. it also looks bomb in her stairwell - such a great idea for a big statement piece in an area like that.

have you ever made one of these? it kind of seems like it would be addicting like getting tattoos. i can't wait to try a few of these this winter!

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