Pack Your Bags: What To Bring For A Fall Weekend Away

as the former president of non-existant support group Overpackers Anonymous, i know a thing or two about bringing too much stuff on trips. that's why i'm starting this packing guide series, where i'll share my fave wardrobe picks and tips for bringing everything you need on your next adventure and leaving everything you don't at home. it's taken me a good 12 years of crazy coast-to-coast, over oceans travel to figure out how to pack a good suitcase, so hopefully this series can spare you some of the nightmare situations i've encountered along the way (helllooooo London trip 2009 where i tried to traverse the entire rainy city in suede high heel boots. poor choice to say the least).

i gotta say, I love California for a lot of reasons, but one of the many reasons is that you can drive about an hour and a half in any direction and be surrounded by an an entirely different environment. We recently spent a weekend up in Lake Arrowhead, CA, but this packing list would work for just about any fall weekend away.

first, I think the number one rule of thumb here is that you need to bring things that are super versatile. I love button down shirts, especially flannels (what up 90s kid), because you can wear them on their own buttoned up, under a sweater or coat if it's cold, or open over a tank if it's warmer. 

another necessity- cozy layers. you never know exactly how the weather is gonna play out, especially when you're away from home, and having options that you can add or subtract makes things so much easier. 

when it's chilly, i'm also a big fan of bringing a hat or two. not sure about you, but my hair does not behave whatsoever when the weather changes, and chilly fall weather is no exception. 

so here's my template for a no-fail chilly fall weekend packing list:

2 pairs of jeans - i like to bring a black pair and a blue, but any neutrals will work

3 button down shirts - make sure they go with both pairs of jeans 

2 open front or cardigan style sweaters - i like to bring a lighter one and a heavier, chunky one

2 pairs of neutral, comfy boots - you can wear one pair on the plane or car ride 

a comfy outfit to sleep in - i love sundry sweats and wildfox sweatshirts

something active in case you want to hike or work out - tank, leggings, sports bra, long sleeve pullover, workout shoes, maybe a baseball hat in case your hair is whack like mine

1 cozy neutral scarf - Madewell makes some great ones

1 coat or jacket - pick the weight depending on how chilly it is at your destination

since all of this stuff can basically be mixed and matched, you'll have more than enough for three days away.

here are a couple shoppable pieces that would be perfect as a part of this fall weekend wardrobe!

what are your favorite essentials for a fall weekend getaway? fave destinations??

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