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Pack Your Bags: What To Bring For A Fall Weekend Away

as the former president of non-existant support group Overpackers Anonymous, i know a thing or two about bringing too much stuff on trips. that's why i'm starting this packing guide series, where i'll share my fave wardrobe picks and tips for bringing everything you need on your next adventure and leaving everything you don't at home. it's taken me a good 12 years of crazy coast-to-coast, over oceans travel to figure out how to pack a good suitcase, so hopefully this series can spare you some of the nightmare situations i've encountered along the way (helllooooo London trip 2009 where i tried to traverse the entire rainy city in suede high heel boots. poor choice to say the least)

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Moto Cozy: Neutrals With A Pop of Color

i've had it guys. i've spent enough of my twenties attempting to convince myself i'm comfy in something that is, in fact, terribly uncomfortable. but, in the spirit of actually wearing what's in my closet and aiming to try a little harder than the yoga pants uniform (glorious though it is), i decided one of my go-to staple looks will be 'moto cozy.' a little rock n roll, a lot comfy AF.   

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