Moto Cozy: Neutrals With A Pop of Color

i've had it guys. i've spent enough of my twenties attempting to convince myself i'm comfy in something that is, in fact, terribly uncomfortable. but, in the spirit of actually wearing what's in my closet and aiming to try a little harder than the yoga pants uniform (glorious though it is), i decided one of my go-to staple looks will be 'moto cozy.' a little rock n roll, a lot comfy AF.   

this ivory sweater from anthropologie is one of my favorites, because it works really well for LA weather. even though it's sunny all the time, i always get chilly at night and need something to stay warm. this piece is awesome because it works really well in the winter when i head back to Nashville or Ohio over a long sleeve thermal top, but also isn't SO wintery that i can't wear it in Cali with something much lighter.


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