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wishlist: denim jumpsuits

while the weather is still being a commitment-phobe and temps are all over the place, spring fashion can get overcomplicated pretty fast. for me it always gets overwhelming thinking about how to layer just right, and sometimes you just need a one-and-done piece to make everything fall into place.

enter the denim jumpsuit - a piece i would not have been so sure about a few years ago and now don’t know know how i lived without. it’s pretty much like a great pair of go-to jeans but with a top built in so you don’t even have to think about a top. WIN.

bright ankle boots to fight the winter blues

i have a love/hate relationship with winter outfits, and the reason usually has something to do with the fact that we all seem to fall into the seasonal slump of wearing the same stay-warm stuff over and over again when it’s freezing outside. there’s nothing wrong with a great staple seasonal uniform - especially when it’s still dark when you have to wake up for work and the last thing you feel like doing is trying on tons of outfits - but i’ve found that for me, finding fun little ways to change up my look can make a world of difference in the winter.

my current favorite change up? bright ankle boots - the perfect unexpected winter wardrobe addition. i used to feel like bright colors had to be a spring and summer thing, but there are so many fun and fresh ways to wear these and there are SO many good colors out right now.

6 valentine's day gifts to give yourself this year

it’s that time of year again, and as we strap ourselves in and prepare for the annual avalanche of over-the-top instagram captions from picture perfect couples we love to hate, it’s important not to forget to show ourselves a little love. whether you’ve found your picture perfect relationship or you’re planning to spend the day with a great bottle of red and some netflix (which could also qualify as a picture perfect relationship let’s be real) we think you deserve some self love this V-Day.

here are six ideas for fun and just the right amount of fancy valentine’s day gifts to give yourself this week:

the downside of tidying up: when only new stuff sparks joy

HAPPY 2019! it’s hard to believe the new year is here and off to the races. this past year truly flew (as they always seem to) and it’s crazy to be jumping into new year new me mode already.

as i’m sure many of you did, i binged all of the new Marie Kondo Tidying Up episodes pretty much the minute they dropped (ok, not exactly at midnight on NYE, but like a few days after when i still wanted to deny that ‘holiday break’ was 100 percent over and it was time to be a real human again). i absolutely loved her book, and actually posted a bit about it in my closet makeover series here, so naturally i was super excited to see that she created a show around helping actual people get rid of all the (mostly) garbage they’ve been hoarding. SO satisfying.

may your waves be merry & bright: holiday hair ideas

clearly we're in full on holiday mode over here at WTD, and that means our calendar is quickly filling up with festive parties and sparkly soirées. i'm a huge fan of holiday party season because it's a great excuse to buy a new dress with sequins on it, wear a red lip, and rock a cool hairstyle that might feel too aggressive at a boring different time of year party. so we rounded up four of our fave ways to get creative with your waves this month.

there's no place like Home Alone for winter wardrobe inspiration

if you’ve been reading the blog awhile or follow us/me on any form of social media you know that we are entirely obsessed with all things Home Alone, holiday season or not. from the outfits, to the burglars’ excitement about stealing VCRs, to the #tbt labels on all the stuff at the grocery store the movie is basically scene after scene of amazing 90s nostalgia.

while i was watching Home Alone for the first of what will be many times this season over Tgiv last week, i realized that the outfits in the movie offer some serious winter wardrobe inspiration. i’m not sure about you, but between this year’s dad sneakers takeover and the onslaught of late 80’s and early 90’s normcore popping up everywhere, it’s safe to say the McCallisters had serious style.

5 must-try faux fur coat styles for winter

it’s official - the red starbucks cups hath arrived and holiday decor is landing with gusto just about everywhere. this means that for many of us, it’s time to dig out the winter wardrobe and drape ourselves in layers for 6 months. the good news is, there are tons of cute and cozy faux fur coat styles this season, so consider the challenge accepted.

faux fur is one of our favorite looks for winter because it a) is cozy AF 2) is thick enough to do most of the heavy lifting in keeping you warm and d) gives you an instant hollywood glam feel.

my favorite no-fail outfit planning hack

today i’m sharing something of a bolt-on to my closet makeover series. i started using this outfit planning hack about a year ago, when i realized my biggest hangup in choosing an outfit is that i’m usually confused about what goes with what in my closet when i’m looking at it as a whole. I tend to be the type of person who likes pattern and print, so a lot of my favorite items in my closet could be classified as “statement pieces.” statement pieces are great and all, but they don’t go with other statement pieces. so it can get confusing when you want to put together an outfit that’s well balanced in a pinch.

roundup: cropped jeans are fresh for fall

when i moved to France this year, i had to pack pretty lightly considering the tiny size of our ‘pied-a-terre.’ as you might imagine based on my closet makeover posts, minimalism isn’t exactly something i’ve successfully embraced yet, so this was a challenge. on the denim front, this meant only 4 pairs of jeans made the cut (sidenote: my husband brought ONE pair of jeans total for this entire year in France). this past month, i kept seeing cropped jeans and kick flare jeans everywhere in Paris, and decided i could make room for pair #5.

sequins & over-the-knee boots season

with cooler temps around the corner, we’re soaking up every last bit of lingering sunshine and warm, early fall weather. today we’re sharing some outfit inspo for those fall days and date nights that don’t quite require major layers just yet. this is a bit of a maximalist take on the mini dress + over-the-knee boots combo, a frequent favorite for us.