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There's No Place Like Home Alone For Winter Wardrobe Inspiration

if you’ve been reading the blog awhile or follow us/me on any form of social media you know that we are entirely obsessed with all things Home Alone, holiday season or not. from the outfits, to the burglars’ excitement about stealing VCRs, to the #tbt labels on all the stuff at the grocery store the movie is basically scene after scene of amazing 90s nostalgia.

while i was watching Home Alone for the first of what will be many times this season over Tgiv last week, i realized that the outfits in the movie offer some serious winter wardrobe inspiration. i’m not sure about you, but between this year’s dad sneakers takeover and the onslaught of late 80’s and early 90’s normcore popping up everywhere, it’s safe to say the McCallisters had serious style.

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5 Must-Try Faux Fur Coat Styles for Winter

it’s official - the red starbucks cups hath arrived and holiday decor is landing with gusto just about everywhere. this means that for many of us, it’s time to dig out the winter wardrobe and drape ourselves in layers for 6 months. the good news is, there are tons of cute and cozy faux fur coat styles this season, so consider the challenge accepted.

faux fur is one of our favorite looks for winter because it a) is cozy AF 2) is thick enough to do most of the heavy lifting in keeping you warm and d) gives you an instant hollywood glam feel.

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Closet Staple: Embellished Jackets

one of my favorite things about fashion is, no matter what we're individually drawn to, our style and perception of style inevitably evolves and changes as time goes on. if you've known me longer than a few years, you probably know i've had many phases of maximalism during my style evolution, and i think (well i hope) i've finally tamed it to a respectable degree. one thing that has helped me rein in the maximalism and edit down my wardrobe is focusing on closet staples and figuring out what they are for me.

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Bundle Up: Fight the Frost in Furry Coats

given that it looks like the polar vortex is back to hang out this weekend (and overstay its welcome as usual) we figured you might need an excuse to overnight order yourself some new furry armor to combat the single digit temps. i love the chic look of these furry coats (the faux kind, of course) and that they can work in just about any color or length. they can also be super casual (like #11 in her sneakers) or a perfect way to top off a super glitzy party dress. all round, this piece is basically going to be your bff this winter. here are some of our fave ways to wear it:

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25 Days of Holiday Mantel Makeovers

it's time for some SERIOUS fireplace porn up in here. one of the things i love about the holiday season is that it's an awesome excuse to completely overhaul the decor in your house. during the other seasons, if i'm in the mood to majorly change things up, i usually have to come up with an elaborate reason that feels legitimate so my husband doesn't get overwhelmed. but during the holidays? ANYTHING GOES. don't let this opportunity pass you by. clear that existing shit off your mantel and let's go to work. 

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Style Files: Velvet Vibes Everywhere

when i was a kid, our fifth grade class held a big fair where everyone dressed up like it was medieval times, and my mom made me a dress out of the world's raddest lilac purple velvet fabric. she even made me a matching headdress thingy, and aside from my wedding dress it may have been the coolest outfit i've ever worn in my life. which is why i'm incredibly thrilled that velvet is having a major moment right now- it's all over jackets, dresses, boots, heels, and accessories and i'm definitely not mad about it. 

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