Style Files: Turtlenecks Don't Have To Suck

for most of my adult life, turtlenecks have been nothing but a major tbt- and not necessarily the good kind. to me, turtlenecks represent memories of the momentary suffocation you experience when putting them on, getting your hair stuck and really static-y, and going through the entire thing over again when you have to take the damn thing off. 

when i started wearing a lot of vintage band tees in high school- a look my mom wasn't particularly a fan of- she started buying me turtleneck sweaters in various colors and just leaving them on my bed. like the turtleneck fairy, magically filling my closet with the antithesis of vintage band T-shirts in false hopes that it's actually possible to influence a 16 year old's wardrobe choices. for this reason, me and turtlenecks weren't friends for awhile. but i think that's all about to change...

free people

i mean there are some REALLY cute options. and despite the fact that i live in LA and it will probably never get cold enough for one of these, i'm gonna be touring a lot on the east coast in December and shit gets REAL cold out there. 

wanna join me and stock your closet? here are some of my faves: 

will you be braving the hair static for the sake of stylish cozyness this season too??

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