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closet makeover diaries: key pieces

about a month ago i shared my (likely too ambitious) determination to get my closet under control once and for all - you can find that post here. today i'm back with a narrowed down update on the key pieces i figured out work for me, and an overview of the staples that i learned i'll actually wear.  

closet staple: embellished jackets

one of my favorite things about fashion is, no matter what we're individually drawn to, our style and perception of style inevitably evolves and changes as time goes on. if you've known me longer than a few years, you probably know i've had many phases of maximalism during my style evolution, and i think (well i hope) i've finally tamed it to a respectable degree. one thing that has helped me rein in the maximalism and edit down my wardrobe is focusing on closet staples and figuring out what they are for me.