Closet Makeover Diaries: Key Pieces

awhile ago i shared my (likely too ambitious) determination to get my closet under control once and for all - you can find that post here. today i'm back with a narrowed down update on the key pieces i figured out work for me, and an overview of the staples that i learned i'll actually wear.  

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for so long i was literally the queen of finding something cool that i loved and deciding 'i want to be the type of person who wears this.' now and then, i might actually surprise myself and become that person, but 9 times out of 10 the cool new piece just sat bummed out in the back of my closet until it was time to purge again. so i made it my mission to get a sense of the pieces that both make me feel like i'm making a new statement and also truly fit my lifestyle.


you know how there are certain things that you realize you just never reach for? even if they're awesome? i tried to pay attention to my habits and here's what i found out i mostly WON'T wear no matter how cool the piece is or how much i love it:


anything uncomfy- if it's itchy or scratchy or i feel strapped in in some way shape or form it's a nada

things i can't put a jacket over- i'm one of those people who is always cold, so if the sleeves are MAD poofy or have some characteristic that make it hard to add a leather jacket on top, it's out.

super high heels- this one is super sad to admit, but i realized how little i wear heels this past year. i have a few pairs that i love for special occasions, but for the most part I realized I'd rather trade most of them in for a cool pair of ankle boots i can explore new cities in.

brown accessories- i've been a black leather jacket gal most of my life, but for awhile i tried to have some variety with dark and medium browns in my boots, bags, etc. i never ended up picking the brown tones though, so lots of those got donated.

silver jewelry- this is another arena where i kind of tried to have a variety of metallics, but i tend to be a gold girl when it comes to jewelry.

short skirts- i used to wear a lot of these onstage and during the summer, but lately i've been more drawn to shorts, rompers, or maxi skirts.

things with lots of ruffles or frill - maybe the flannel shirt and long denim shorts phase i had in fourth grade when i first heard nirvana is to blame, but i just don't find myself vibing with anything suuuuuper girly or froofy. i love it in smaller doses though!


and here are the staple pieces that make up my closet post purge:


Tees/Tanks and Casual Tops

what i reach for most days. i love graphic tees and neutral tanks, and comfy tops with a tinge of boho vibes


Fun, Embellished Tanks and Tops

i wear these less often, but they're my go-to for a night out or an event where i don't feel like rocking a dress


Thin, Knit Jackets and Sweaters 

this category sounds simple, but is the hardest to find for me. living in cali, i love layering because it's never humid and gets chilly at night. so i like to have a 'first layer' thin jacket or sweater underneath my leather jacket or whatever i'm wearing on top. but i'm weird, and these jackets or sweaters can't be too long or they look dumb under the leather jacket. so it's hard to find good candidates!


Leather Jackets and Warmer 'Second Layer' Jackets

i only have a few of these, and have made it a point to keep it to simple investment pieces that i wear almost every day. right now my main pieces are a black leather jacket and a dusty rose leather jacket. i pretty much bring one of these everywhere in case we walk home from dinner or it gets cold.


Black, Blue and Gray Jeans

i have a few pairs of jeans in fun colors, but i realized i mostly reach for basics. 


Shorts in Various Materials

living in socal, i have a few staple pairs of cutoff denim shorts for warmer weather, and a couple cool printed shorts. i also have a pair of black leather shorts i love to pair with tights for shows or a night out.


Maxi Skirts

this has been a fun new category for me. i didn't own any of these until recently, but i realized they're really cute paired with a graphic tank, a cool belt, ankle boots, and a jacket. plus they're warmer than a short skirt. these make a fun alternative to jeans!


Sundresses/Rompers and Maxi Dresses

if i'm not combining separates, i'm usually wearing a sundress or romper or a maxi. it makes getting dressed super simple to have a variety of these! kind of a one and done deal.



on my last trip to paris i noticed that French women are masters of the effortless scarf, and so i've made it my mission to become one too. they just instantly make you look like you have your shit together.


Workout Gear

at the end of the day, i live most of my life in LA, where yoga pants are a perfectly acceptable outfit pretty much anywhere you go. i love dressing up (and actually have had to force myself to wear more regular people clothes lately) but i also have a pretty impressive collection of bright leggings and workout stuff that i absolutely love (you can find my pineapple ones here)

so long story short- i'm making some progress. i probably won't be in the type of home or apartment with one of those dream walk-in closets for awhile, so my next challenge is figuring out how to store all of the things i DO love and want to keep in a way that doesn't end in piles and piles of stuff every time i get dressed. to be continued...

what are some of your staple closet must haves??

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