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From Summer To Fall In Button-Front Midi Skirts

we talk a lot about wardrobe staples here at WTD, and lately one of my no-fail favorites is the button-front midi skirt. i fell in love with this style while i was living in Paris last year, where a lot of my favorite French designers seemed to be showcasing their take on this piece for summer.

i quickly discovered that not only did i love the length - long enough to walk up the metro steps without worrying if everyone behind you could see up your skirt but short enough that a cute sneaker or sandal could peek out - but i also loved the button details. you can keep the skirt buttoned top to bottom for polish, or you can unbutton a couple of the lowest buttons to get a casual, breezy look on a hot day.

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The Only Summer Accessory You Need: 90s Hair Clips

does anyone else remember how satisfying it was in the middle of a boring 6th grade science class to have one of those silver hair clips to play with? the 90s were marked by a myriad of amazing moments in fashion, and hair barrettes in every shape an size are undoubtedly one of them.

fast forward about 20 years give or take, and suddenly the resurgence of these 90s hair clips seem to be taking our summer hair game to new heights. i’ve been seeing this trend everywhere this spring and summer, and as always i am one hundred percent here for anything that calls back the 90s nostalgia.

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Summer Shoe Forecast: Square Toe Sandals

now that we’re well into exposed toes season, it’s time to talk about summer shoe obsessions. i’ve always been an ankle boots for every season kinda girl, but it’s just not fair to your feet to keep that pedicure under wraps in the summertime. and this summer it seems like square toe sandals are all of a sudden everywhere.

i wasn’t sure how to feel about this style at first, and I was wondering where this trend came from the other day when it all fell into place. if you must know i’m currently in the middle of season 3 of Sex & the City (yes i’m rewatching the entire series after my husband falls asleep and no i’m not sorry) and it hit me that this is a total Carrie look. the square toe sandal is a Carrie Bradshaw classic and suddenly it seems like the perfect summer shoe.

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High Tide: 6 Staple High-Waisted Bikinis For Summer

it's officially sea breeze and sunscreen season, and I'm personally on the lookout for every opportunity to get to myself to the beach and the pool. this summer i've been excited to play around with different swimwear silhouettes now that there are so many interesting options. though some of these new configurations prove to be extremely difficult to figure out how to put on initially (i've put several on backwards), i'm a big fan of trying anything new and seeing just how awkward my tanlines can get. that being said, a good way to dip your toe into trying a new swimwear silhouette is to just go retro- cause the high-waisted bikini bottom is still going strong.

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Patio Party: Gorgeous Outdoor Living Ideas

with summer in full swing, we're SO ready to open a bottle of rosé and post up in a comfy chair facing the sun. being based in SoCal, it's pretty much outdoor living season all year round, so we're extra obsessed with any and all outdoor decor ideas. it opens up so many fun possibilities when you decide to really treat your outdoor space like an extension of your home, so today I'm rounding up 10 of my favorite patio and balcony setups to inspire your alfresco space.

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Crushing On: Culottes and Sneakers Combo

i can't believe it's already POST Memorial Day weekend and we're pretty much officially kicking off the summer season. it feels like summer got here so fast this year, although i'm definitely not mad about it. in the spirit of constantly looking for comfy ways to try new looks, today's post is an ode to an adorable combo i keep seeing everywhere: culottes and sneakers. i gotta admit, it took me a minute to warm up to culottes. i found myself wondering- is this trend merely a 2017 take on the regrettable gaucho pants vibe i rocked way too much in 2004? i couldn't figure it out. but after spending 10 days in Paris and seeing this combo literally everywhere, i'm convinced this look is one to copy immediately.

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Festival Ready: Sunnies, Sequins, and Laced-Up Leather

now that we're officially over a week into spring (!) i'm back with another festival outfit inspo post today. our first festival ready outfit post was my take on a boho sundress look, and this one switches it up with cut-offs, a graphic tee, and some over-the-knee lace-up boots. if you've been to any of my music gigs in the last year or so, you are probably familiar with this vintage sequin vest (from Closet Case Vintage in Nashville, TN) because i am fully OBSESSED with it. it honestly tops off any and every outfit perfectly. i can't imagine my life without it. i love this look for festival season because it's incredibly comfy, and, unlike a sundress, shorts are a good option if the desert gets a little windy. nothing kills my vibe at an outdoor concert like trying to hold down my dress the whole time.

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Roundup: Wide Leg Jumpsuits For Summer

it's officially SPRING YOU GUYS!! ok, maybe it's not officially spring JUST yet (another week to go maybe?) but it finally feels like it because the sun is out til 7pm!! makes such a major difference. today i'm rounding up 6 of my favorite wide leg jumpsuit looks for spring break and summer, because this style has been ALL over for awhile now. wide leg pants and one pieces were big this fall, and i'm loving the way designers have reworked this look in fun, flowy prints for the warmer weather around the corner. i feel like this look is so widespread that whenever i've been out shopping lately, the theme of this season is "surprise, i'm actually pants." meaning, i'll pick up what i THINK is a cute maxi dress off the rack and voila- it's actually pants. not mad at it though. 

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What The Pineapple?

this past summer we released a super fun new music video, and we had a blast shooting it in this beautiful hollywood hills backyard. i looked everywhere for a fun, active wardrobe for the shoot, and i never found just the right leggings. so...we made some. they're called 'dreamerbabe leggings', and i made extras for you.

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