Patio Party: Gorgeous Outdoor Living Ideas

with summer in full swing, we're SO ready to open a bottle of rosé and post up in a comfy chair facing the sun. being based in SoCal, it's pretty much outdoor living season all year round, so we're extra obsessed with any and all outdoor decor ideas. it opens up so many fun possibilities when you decide to really treat your outdoor space like an extension of your home, so today I'm rounding up 10 of my favorite patio and balcony setups to inspire your alfresco space.

for me, the hardest part about having a beautiful outdoor space is the upkeep. in the past, when i lived in Nashville, it rained A TON. and it was sneaky rain- this stuff would come out of absolutely nowhere and downpour for hours. if your outdoor space isn't covered, this means that unless you're watching the weather like a hawk every minute of every day, you're likely going to be out at work or a meeting when it starts storming. so i've learned that certain aspects of outdoor decor can't necessarily stay outside all the time - fragile things, blankets and sheepskins and certain pillows - but if you're organized enough to bring that stuff inside after a backyard soirée (still working on it over here) you're good to go.  

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impossible though it is for me to pick a fave, i have to say that this last pic- Design Love Fest's outdoor space designed by Sarah Sherman Samuel- takes the cake. it feels like such an oasis! the gray + pink + black and white stripes is so perfect. 

how do you plan to dress up your outdoor space for summer?? 

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