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Double Duty Design: Surfboard Decor

while i'm definitely not one of those people who thinks every single thing in your house needs to be functional to earn its place there, i do love me some double duty home decor- aka, stuff that looks awesome as decor but also serves another purpose. being a cali girl, i feel like i see surfboards everywhere- and lately i'm loving the way they can make a big design statement in or outside when they're not out on the waves.

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High Tide: 6 Staple High-Waisted Bikinis For Summer

it's officially sea breeze and sunscreen season, and I'm personally on the lookout for every opportunity to get to myself to the beach and the pool. this summer i've been excited to play around with different swimwear silhouettes now that there are so many interesting options. though some of these new configurations prove to be extremely difficult to figure out how to put on initially (i've put several on backwards), i'm a big fan of trying anything new and seeing just how awkward my tanlines can get. that being said, a good way to dip your toe into trying a new swimwear silhouette is to just go retro- cause the high-waisted bikini bottom is still going strong.

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Boho Coastal

this is one of my favorite looks from the past year- for a lot of reasons. number one, i never knew how much a needed a lavender hat! it's such a pretty color and surprisingly goes with a lot more of my stuff than i thought it would. number two, this is the photoshoot i did for the cover of my new album, "Canyonlands!" we shot at a gorgeous resort called Terranea, and i love that the place has a really beautiful mix of both boho desert and beachy vibes.

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