Double Duty Design: Surfboard Decor

while i'm definitely not one of those people who thinks every single thing in your house needs to be functional to earn its place there, i do love me some double duty home decor- aka, stuff that looks awesome as decor but also serves another purpose. being a cali girl, i feel like i see surfboards everywhere- and lately i'm loving the way they can make a big design statement in or outside when they're not out on the waves.

via sf girl by bay

SO in love with the mix of this pink surfboard and the weathered driftwood color door. 

via bhg

a surfboard makes a perfect piece of wall art for a huge space when you have no idea what to fill it with, or you're feeling too lazy to embark on another gallery wall odyssey...

via poppytalk

i also love the idea of using a board in an empty corner, especially if it's a corner that doesn't get enough natural light for a plant to fill it. this is an issue i have in my current house a lot since we share a few walls that don't have windows.

above 3 via lovers of mint

i love that they can bring so much color to a space like in the above pic, or how they can blend in as a calming neutral like the one below:

via crush cul de sac

also i'm DYING to get my hands on this map printed board- i'm in love with all things map related and this board creates such a cool design element in this space!

via loom brand

they also work so well as a refreshing pop of white in a colorful space! right now this is exactly how i'm using mine- the walls in my rental are beige (sad face emoji) and i needed to find a cool way to bring in tons of white. my husband happened to get me a plain surfboard for valentines day (to paint...not to ride...) and while i do plan on painting it someday, right now it looks awesome just plain white.

what are your fave double duty design elements? 

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