Photo Diary: Cinque Terre Part I

this past spring i checked off one of my major bucket list destinations: cinque terre in the liguria region of italy. it was even more beautiful than all the photos i've seen, and the people (and the FOOD. and the WINE.) were absolutely incredible. i have so many photos from this trip that i'll be sharing them in two batches, but here are some highlights from my first couple days. i stayed in riomaggiore (the southernmost of the five little towns) for the first part of my trip, and it was totally magical.  

Highlights and Favorite Spots:

i stayed at Cinqueterre Residence which is an adorable B&B. the people were so friendly and the rooms were great with gorgeous views.

for food here are some of my fave Riomaggiore spots:

A Piè de Mà (little cliffside spot with amazing focaccia sandwiches, anchovies, and wine)

Fuori Rotta wine bar (this is where i had that amazing pesto bruschetta in the above pic)

everything about this little town was so lovely. the workshop i was there for was held at the Castello, which is a must see, and the marina is absolutely beautiful with all the boats and the colorful houses right up against the cliffs. i sincerely cannot wait to go back! i'll share more pics from this trip soon.

ever been to italy? what's your favorite part?? 

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