Summer Shoe Forecast: Square Toe Sandals

now that we’re well into exposed toes season, it’s time to talk about summer shoe obsessions. i’ve always been an ankle boots for every season kinda girl, but it’s just not fair to your feet to keep that pedicure under wraps in the summertime. and this summer it seems like square toe sandals are all of a sudden everywhere.

i wasn’t sure how to feel about this style at first, and I was wondering where this trend came from the other day when it all fell into place. if you must know i’m currently in the middle of season 3 of Sex & the City (yes i’m rewatching the entire series after my husband falls asleep and no i’m not sorry) and it hit me that this is a total Carrie look. the square toe sandal is a Carrie Bradshaw classic and suddenly it seems like the perfect summer shoe.


shop the look here with some of our favorite styles:

what do you think of the suddenly everywhere square toe sandal?

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