The Only Summer Accessory You Need: 90s Hair Clips

does anyone else remember how satisfying it was in the middle of a boring 6th grade science class to have one of those silver hair clips to play with? the 90s were marked by a myriad of amazing moments in fashion, and hair barrettes in every shape an size are undoubtedly one of them.

fast forward about 20 years give or take, and suddenly the resurgence of these 90s hair clips seem to be taking our summer hair game to new heights. i’ve been seeing this trend everywhere this spring and summer, and as always i am one hundred percent here for anything that calls back the 90s nostalgia.

still on the fence? check out some of our fave ways to wear this look:

via  my kitsch
via  adeline
via  nesstudio

shop the look here:

so what’s the consensus? will you be throwing it back this summer with the 90s hair clip trend??

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