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dreamerbabe leggings

dreamerbabe leggings

this past summer we released a super fun new music video, and we had a blast shooting it in this beautiful hollywood hills backyard. i looked everywhere for a fun, active wardrobe for the shoot, and i never found just the right leggings. so...we made some. they're called 'dreamerbabe leggings', and i made extras for you.

dreamerbabe leggings are designed to be comfy, fun, breathable and bold. hit the gym or the studio, SUP in style, or just be that badass chick in the grocery store.

azure agave's handpainted watercolor pattern will have you feeling like you're wearing your favorite margarita. cheers to that!

piña colada's handpainted watercolor pattern will transport you to umbrella-drink weather every time you put them on.

feather festival's handpainted watercolor pattern is perfect for those days when you feel like a barefoot, free-spirited flower crown enthusiast.

these are limited edition, so hop on over to the shop and grab yours! 

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