From Summer To Fall In Button-Front Midi Skirts

we talk a lot about wardrobe staples here at WTD, and lately one of my no-fail favorites is the button-front midi skirt. i fell in love with this style while i was living in Paris last year, where a lot of my favorite French designers seemed to be showcasing their take on this piece for summer.

i quickly discovered that not only did i love the length - long enough to walk up the metro steps without worrying if everyone behind you could see up your skirt but short enough that a cute sneaker or sandal could peek out - but i also loved the button details. you can keep the skirt buttoned top to bottom for polish, or you can unbutton a couple of the lowest buttons to get a casual, breezy look on a hot day.


my other favorite feature of the button-front midi skirt? it transitions perfectly from summer into fall. and anyone who has ever lived in a tiny space knows how necessary discovering double duty closet staples can be!

here are our favorite ways to wear button-front midi skirts season to season:

Wear It For Summer

pair a button-front mid skirt with a graphic tee, a crop top, or a fun ruffled tank for a perfectly effortless summer outfit. finish it off with a pair of cute white sneakers or your favorite sandals.

via  peexo

via peexo

Wear It For Fall

for cooler weather, a button-front midi skirt seamlessly fits into your fall wardrobe when you top it with a cozy sweater, add a hat or a rustic belt, and step into a cute pair of cute ankle boots. bonus points for adding a fun pair of peek-a-boo socks and topping the whole outfit off with a trench coat!

via  roolee

via roolee

there are so many fun ways to wear this style!

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what are some of your favorite versatile season to season staples?

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