There's No Place Like Home Alone For Winter Wardrobe Inspiration

if you’ve been reading the blog awhile or follow us/me on any form of social media you know that we are entirely obsessed with all things Home Alone, holiday season or not. from the outfits, to the burglars’ excitement about stealing VCRs, to the #tbt labels on all the stuff at the grocery store the movie is basically scene after scene of amazing 90s nostalgia.

while i was watching Home Alone for the first of what will be many times this season over Tgiv last week, i realized that the outfits in the movie offer some serious winter wardrobe inspiration. i’m not sure about you, but between this year’s dad sneakers takeover and the onslaught of late 80’s and early 90’s normcore popping up everywhere, i think it’s safe to say the McCallisters had serious style.

read on to see how Home Alone sets the tone with some of our favorite winter wardrobe staples:

1. Brooke McCallister’s Jumper

homealone2 copy.jpg

this scene in the beginning of the movie triggered my epiphany about how dope the outfits actually are in this movie. if you’ve been to Urban Outfitters lately, everything in there pretty much looks like this.

i totally love this jumper over turtleneck look for an adult - it’s a good holiday party move too because jumpers aren’t tight fitting and are therefore extremely fitting for inevitable holiday over-imbibing. and honestly, major bonus points if you can rock the clear lensed glasses too.

shop the look:

2. Kate McCallister’s Oversized Blazer


Kate McCallister truly kept it classy AF in this movie. I can’t wait to recreate this oversized blazer over blouse buttoned all the way up look this season.

shop the look:

3. Linnie McCallister’s Turtleneck / Cardigan Combo


The star of the show here is clearly the Christmas string lights necklace, but I’m totally here for the cotton turtleneck under a cardigan combo.

I probably rocked endless versions of this as a kid, but that doesn’t mean some high-waisted jeans and a pair of killer boots wouldn’t be just the thing to bring it into the 20-teens this year.

shop the look:

4. Heather McCallister’s Camel Coat

homealone6 copy.jpg

This one is obviously a total classic. Heather was definitely the oldest sister everyone thought was hot, and I’m planning to channel this sophisticated cozy-chic vibe immediately.

shop the look:

5. Sondra McCallister’s Puffy Sleeve Blouse

homealone7 copy.jpg

as you may have seen in this post, i’ve finally accepted that puffy sleeves are fabulous. i love this style because it can be dressed up or down super easily, and there are tons of really fun prints and styles out right now. also, she’s killing it with that belt.

shop the look:

6. Old Man Marley’s Combat Boots


I think i’ve expressed my love for Old Man Marley’s combat boots in some fashion or another just about every year since the inception of social media and i’m not about to break tradition. these are the MOST LIT boots i’ve ever seen in my life. i’m obsessed with the undone buckles and would wear these with everything from jeans and sweaters to a pretty poofy dress. they’re fantastic.

shop the look:

so there’s everything you need to be Home Alone chic this season!

what are your favorite throwback looks for cold weather??

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