7 Fresh and Festive Friendsgiving Ideas You Have to Try

i’m spending some time back in the US right now for the holiday months, and with thanksgiving a week away it’s basically full-on holiday season mode here. since most of my stuff is in storage (RIP to my poor nespresso machine in the very, very back of the unit behind piles of boxes) and i’m crazy disorganized at the moment, sadly i won’t get to host a friendsgiving this year.

that said, i’ve always loved the idea- and whether you’re planning to have a friendsgiving yourself or you’re just looking for some fresh ideas for this year’s thanksgiving, we rounded up some fresh and festive ideas to try.

1. Make A Pegboard Donut Wall


via pretty and fun

ever since i successfully constructed one of those pegboard tool holder things in my arts and crafts room a few years ago, i have been all about anything pegboard related. and obviously donuts are always a good idea, so this combination is a perfect friendsgiving brunch idea in my book.

2. Use Leaves As Nametags


via lark and linen

i love this idea because it’s the type of DIY i truly appreciate- fast and easy. plus, you can literally go outside and get the leaves for free.

3. Make A Casual Kraft Paper Wall Menu


via rox and sam

do you guys remember in elementary school when you got to make big posters with sharpies?? ever since then i’ve always gotten super excited at the idea of making a big sign for pretty much anything.

i like this idea because you can get super creative with the menu design or keep it simple, and still let everyone know what’s being served up for friendsgiving dinner. plus, the sign takes up a ton of space and saves you from the agony of trying to out-pinterest the blogosphere’s elaborate DIY wall decor.

4. make a boozy pumpkin ice bucket


via everyday dishes

i have never seen this before and i think it’s awesome. i always get kind of sad after halloween because i think of pumpkins as an october thing, but they’re totally a thanksgiving thing too!

this would be perfect for white wine at a thanksgiving or friendsgiving dinner, or for mimosa bubbly at a friendsgiving brunch!

5. Let Dessert Speak For Itself With Fun Messages


via pies before guys

first of all, this blog is awesome. it’s a bunch of pies with cool messages, so count me in. they originally posted this particular pie recipe for a valentines/galentine’s day party, but i think you could have some serious fun throwing some cute and/or inappropriate messages on friendsgiving pies. get weird with it.

6. Take All The Polaroid Pics


via pinterest

i’ll never be over the polaroid picture thing. i love them so much. it’s the perfect addition to a casual party, especially one that revolves around the idea of thankfulness. nothing makes me feel more thankful than going through my pics of friends and family.

7. Sit On The Floor Because It’s More Fun


via urban outfitters

while i always love a good tablescape, i gotta admit that this setup just looks more appropriate when it comes to friendsgiving. i’m all about keeping it easy. plus the string lights and the polaroids add the perfect finishing touch!

have you ever hosted a friendsgiving? definitely hoping i can throw my own next year!

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