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7 Fresh and Festive Friendsgiving Ideas You Have to Try

i’m spending some time back in the US right now for the holiday months, and with thanksgiving a week away it’s basically full-on holiday season mode here. since most of my stuff is in storage (RIP to my poor nespresso machine in the very, very back of the unit behind piles of boxes) and i’m crazy disorganized at the moment, sadly i won’t get to host a friendsgiving this year. that said, i’ve always loved the idea- and whether you’re planning to have a friendsgiving yourself or you’re just looking for some fresh ideas for this year’s thanksgiving, we rounded up some fresh and festive ideas to try.

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Cocktail Hour: Pass the Holiday Spirits

HAPPY DECEMBER EVERYBODY!! we're officially in the homestretch of 2016, and we think that sounds like a perfect excuse to throw a party. we love a good craft cocktail over at WTD, so we rounded up some of our fave ways to make yourself a cup of cheer with a holiday season spin. i really can't decide which of these i want to try first, which means i'll probably need to try them all this weekend just to be sure i'm not missing out on what could potentially be my next go-to. from peppermint vodka hot cocoa to cranberry orange ritas, check out our top 10 picks for a wintery buzz this season.

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Slay Your Thanksgiving Table Game

i can't believe it's already thanksgiving you guys. i feel like absolutely everything is in holiday mode now, which means the rest of the year completely flies. this holiday is awesome for so many reasons- fam, food, friends, booze, and focusing on being grateful. and even though tgiv is one of those holidays where everyone is gonna have a blast even if you serve the turkey on paper minnie mouse plates from walmart, it's really fun to dream up cool ways to set a festive table for your guests.

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