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7 Fresh and Festive Friendsgiving Ideas You Have to Try

i’m spending some time back in the US right now for the holiday months, and with thanksgiving a week away it’s basically full-on holiday season mode here. since most of my stuff is in storage (RIP to my poor nespresso machine in the very, very back of the unit behind piles of boxes) and i’m crazy disorganized at the moment, sadly i won’t get to host a friendsgiving this year. that said, i’ve always loved the idea- and whether you’re planning to have a friendsgiving yourself or you’re just looking for some fresh ideas for this year’s thanksgiving, we rounded up some fresh and festive ideas to try.

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Something To Guac About: The All-Time Best Guacamole Recipe

if there's anything in this world that one can't go wrong with, it's guacamole. it makes any situation better. if i'm at a party and someone i hate is there, but guacamole is present, i will hate that person less by default. i don't really hate that many people, so this isn't a situation i encounter that often, but nonetheless it's the truth. it's a universal language.

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Bottoms Up: 6 Summer Party Punch Recipes

with summer in full swing and a long weekend of sunshine and good times just around the corner, today we're sharing some of our fave party punch picks from around the web for your next summer soirée. we are major craft cocktail enthusiasts at WTD, but sometimes it can be super tedious to make everyone their own individual libation when you're the host and you're trying to actually talk to your guests and hang. the perfect solution? a big batch of make-ahead party punch that you can concoct in advance. with so many refreshing, summery options i'm ready to hit the produce aisle, stock up on booze, and get mixing. 

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