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jalapeño and blood orange mezcal margaritas

with spring in full swing, we have alfresco cocktails on the brain. specifically, mezcal margaritas - featuring a bit of spicy jalapeño and the gorgeous bright red citrus flavor of blood oranges.

even if it’s not quite warm enough to sip these babies outside yet, we think it’s worth getting in the spirit of outdoor drinking as soon as possible. not to mention, this is a great cocktail recipe to have in your back pocket with cinco de mayo about a month away.

something to guac about

if there's anything in this world that one can't go wrong with, it's guacamole. it makes any situation better. if i'm at a party and someone i hate is there, but guacamole is present, i will hate that person less by default. i don't really hate that many people, so this isn't a situation i encounter that often, but nonetheless it's the truth. it's a universal language.