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Easy Rotisserie Chicken Thai Coconut Curry (Whole30 & Paleo!)

nothing will teach you how to improvise quite like a Parisian kitchen - at least that’s been my experience living here for six months. our apartment has a teeny tiny little (though very cute!) kitchen, and it’s nearly impossible for both me and my husband to be in there at the same time. since the “oven” in our place is pretty much a countertop convection thing that is incredibly janky, i’ve been trying my hand at as many simple stovetop recipes as possible, and this one is my new favorite.

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Slay Your Thanksgiving Table Game

i can't believe it's already thanksgiving you guys. i feel like absolutely everything is in holiday mode now, which means the rest of the year completely flies. this holiday is awesome for so many reasons- fam, food, friends, booze, and focusing on being grateful. and even though tgiv is one of those holidays where everyone is gonna have a blast even if you serve the turkey on paper minnie mouse plates from walmart, it's really fun to dream up cool ways to set a festive table for your guests.

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