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17 Ways To Rock Pantone's Color of 2017

OMG it's 2017 everyone!!! hope you all had a fabulous weekend ringing in the new year. i had a blast celebrating with friends in Cabo (same way i celebrated last year) and there were plenty of outrageous beach fireworks and margaritas to go around. i can't believe how 2016 seemed to fly but also seemed to go on forever in some ways. it was definitely somewhat of a weird year filled with lots of ups and downs, but overall i'm grateful for so many of 2016's great stories, new friends, and cool adventures. that being said, i am SO READY for 2017. extremely excited to start fresh. one of my favorite things about another trip around the sun is finding out pantone's new color of year pick, so i thought i'd compile some inspo for this year's hue- GREENERY.

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