17 Ways To Rock Pantone's Color of 2017

OMG it's 2017 everyone!!! hope you all had a fabulous weekend ringing in the new year. i had a blast celebrating with friends in Cabo (same way i celebrated last year) and there were plenty of outrageous beach fireworks and margaritas to go around. i can't believe how 2016 seemed to fly but also seemed to go on forever in some ways. it was definitely somewhat of a weird year filled with lots of ups and downs, but overall i'm grateful for so many of 2016's great stories, new friends, and cool adventures. that being said, i am SO READY for 2017. extremely excited to start fresh. one of my favorite things about another trip around the sun is finding out pantone's new color of year pick, so i thought i'd compile some inspo for this year's hue- GREENERY.

at first i wasn't quiiiiite sure about this pick, but the more i see it in action the more i love it. i have become a MAJOR plant lady in the past year, and it has made a huge difference in my life to have living things in the house. i currently travel too much to have a dog, so my fiddle leaf fig is my child. 

here are 17 snaps that inspire us like crazy to work this vibrant, refreshing hue into our everyday life this year:

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i think this color can look amazing or kind of offensive depending on what you pair it with, but my favorite way to rock it is always going to be with houseplants galore. 

what are your thoughts on this bold choice for the color of the year?? 

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