Roundup: 6 Passport Covers We Love

when i first got my US passport, it was 2007 and i was booked to play on a cruise that would go through Jamaica the following year. i had no idea how many amazing overseas adventures that passport would witness over the next decade, and it's been incredibly fun to collect stamps from all over the world. fast forward ten years, and here i am in 2017 saying a bittersweet goodbye to passport #1 getting ready to trade him in for a brand new one. in the spirit of new beginnings and all of the cool places passport #2 is going to see over the next ten years, i thought i'd round up some of my favorite adorable passport covers. i've learned over the years that it's really important to keep yours looking nice, because if it's beat up enough it can cause issues at customs (which means less time eating croissants in Paris, and i'm really into eating croissants in Paris).

here are some of our fave accessories for your next dream-worthy adventure: 

totally love this ballet pink and rose gold pick from paper source

for some reason i REALLY dig the dino vibes on this coach passport holder

red leaf leather on etsy makes these adorable covers in basically whatever color you want

another rose gold stunner from anthropologie

we have a soft spot for all things cacti, and this passport cover by greylittlemouse on etsy is no exception

jetset around the globe with this cool earthy option from fossil

where will you be getting your next passport stamp? any dream destinations? i'm making it my personal goal to get a passport stamp from Asia in 2017 since i've never been. gotta fill that new one up as fast as i can!

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