New Year's Eve Makeup: 4 Looks To Try

it's almost time to wave goodbye to this crazy whirlwind of a year, and i think we're all pretty excited to welcome new beginnings and start fresh. whether you're planning to strap into your highest heels and hit the town to ring in 2017, or you have a lit date with your cat and netflix planned for midnight, we think NYE is a perfect excuse to dig through the back of your makeup drawer and pull out the stuff typically reserved for halloween and aggressive bachelorette parties. when done right, we think turning up the volume on your makeup game is the perfect way to put on your new year's game face. 

1. The Surefire Smoky Eye

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this is kind of a no fail option, and it's always my go-to night out look. there are so many ways to change up the classic smoky eye vibe to give it a new edge, and it's a great option to fall back on if whatever ambitious idea you tried first goes south. i strongly recommend stashing a chunky kohl pencil into your sequin clutch as a backup.

2. The Bold Brows Bold Lip Double Punch

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this look is perfect for NYE because again, the options are pretty endless. pick a super bright red, a wild card fuchsia, or a gorgeous vampy matte shade of aubergine and you're good to go. just make sure you bring that lipstick with you so you can swiftly reapply once the bubbly starts flowing.

3. The Glitter Goddess

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this is a pretty perfect occasion to go absolutely batshit with the glitter and get away with it (for the most part). as long as you keep the concentration of sparkles to one facial feature- ie eyes, cheeks, or lips but for the love of all things holy not all at once- you'll be looking festive AF and glimmer right into the new year. i would recommend keeping some little travel makeup wipes in your bag for this one in case some rogue sparkles get out of line.

4. The Technicolor Takeover

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this look is unapologetically fun and perfect for NYE. coordinate with your outfit or just go totally out of left field and wear the opposite color. i never met a neon lid i didn't love, so i'm thinking of giving this one a shot this year depending on what i end up wearing. 

what are your fave makeup looks for a big night like NYE?? we'll be back next Monday (aka NEXT YEAR!!) so happy almost 2017 and hope you all have a safe and amazing weekend!

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