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Closet Makeover Diaries: Mood Board

given that i knew i’d be moving overseas and putting everything in storage this year, i decided one of my major goals would be a serious closet overhaul. admittedly, i've tried just about everything in the closet overhaul department - shoe racks of all shapes and sizes, folding my jeans, hanging my jeans, having a special trunk at the base of my bed just for jeans (not a thing that works FYI) - and i was starting to get a little discouraged. maybe i just wasn't the type of person who could successful tame her closet?? maybe i'm forever doomed to the dreaded 'i have nothing to wear' territory? i figured having your closet shit together was for people who fold their underwear and brush their teeth for the recommend full three minutes. 

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But First Coffee: 12 Coffee Bars to Copy

some girls grow up pinning pictures of their future wedding dresses, but if pinning was a thing when i was growing up i think i would have pinned coffee bar ideas. well...ok. to be fair, i didn't even drink coffee til i was a senior in high school, but i stand by the fact that i have always felt and still currently feel that the ultimate benchmark of having a truly legit adult household is not a king size bed, or a dining room table, or matching dishes, but a coffee bar. the only thing that could be better than coffee itself (ok nothing can be better, but these bars are on par) is a beautifully organized and incredibly cool designated spot for it.

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