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DIY to Try: 6 Easy Planter Projects

with spring in full swing, i'm diving deeper than ever into my houseplant obsession. i regularly stress dream about my fiddle leaf fig, and i'm not sure if i should be admitting that on the internet but it's true. plants have brightened up my house so much, and they're kind of like tattoos (strangely addicting) so once you start it's tough to stop. since the weather's getting warmer, i'm also getting ready to outfit my balcony with a few new plant adoptions, and i've been on the hunt for some fun, relatively easy ways to DIY some cool planters. luckily, the internet overfloweth with such ideas.

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Perfect Pair: Plants and Copper Accents

one of the things i love so much about design is discovering those color, texture, and pattern combinations that just totally MAKE a space. for me, one of my current favorite pairings has got to be the houseplant craze teaming up with the copper craze. they were just made for each other. the soft, natural texture of the green leaves paired with shiny rose gold metal accents just works. every time.

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