Buy or DIY: 8 Jewelry Storage Ideas That Aren't Ugly

in the midst of my new year closet cleanout kick, i've recently found that- like probably every chick ever- i own WAY. TOO. MUCH. JEWELRY. jewelry used to be the thing i'd add to my pile of stuff on the way to the register, because when it's inexpensive it feels pretty harmless. but the thing is- now i have tons of those cardboard multipacks of stud earrings still lying around, and the couple pairs that i didn't like as much as the others are still attached to the cardboard and just sitting there. it's driving me nuts and i decided it's time to control it. not just the earrings- ALL of it.

the thing is, a quick 'jewelry storage' google search will quickly prove that there are a LOT of super uggo options out there. especially in the realm of DIY. i don't know about you, but i'm trying to avoid the craft store barfed all over the walls look. and the retail options aren't necessarily great either - remember the 10 things for 5 dollars sale that Claire's used to do? that sale used to be the highlight of my life back in 5th grade, but at this point it feels like it might be time for an upgrade.

here are some really cool, minimal, and sleek ideas i love that you can buy or DIY:


via Curiographer 

love the rustic vibe of these, and i think combining a few different shapes and sizes as a little wall vignette is really cool.

via BonMaxie

everything  about this, from the natural wood to the leather and copper, is so cute and cool and kind of Scandinavian which i love.

via Urban Outfitters

really cute minimal option that also comes in yellow gold

via Urban Outfitters

this one is a really cool design and i love that it doubles as a little mirror!


via Shannon Claire Interiors

these are so beautiful! would look so pretty scattered on a dresser

via Whippy Cake

if you have a big ass stash of stuff this would be a perfect solution to corral all of it into one tidy spot

via A Beautiful Mess

this idea is totally genius- it hides everything behind a mirror and it also gives you the opportunity to have some fun with a cool wallpaper or contact paper

via Dream a Little Bigger

i love this! it's so simple but also really graphic and makes a statement as a design element.

how do you store and organize your bling?? i'm in need of all the ideas i can get!

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